Bloody brilliant.

David Mitchell, Television Host & Comedian

Incredible... the guests were talking about you long after the event finished.

Samuel Gold, Groom

I haven't got a clue how that's done!

Robert Webb, Comedian & Actor

You really helped make our night one that everyone will remember for sure

Shauna Elliott, Bat Mitzvah Girl

Having you there really helped to break the ice and get people talking... your level of expertise and confidence was wonderful and everyone that phoned me after the event raved over your performance... I will have no hesitation in recommending you.

Neill and Andie Nunes, 50th Birthday Celebrators

I just don't understand... I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Rick Edwards, Television Host

Your entire act was both impossible and hilarious... you've made us believe in magic... I'd recommend you in an instant.

Daniel Bridges, Corporate Guy