How much does it cost? The answer is - it depends! Price is based on lots of different factors (Date, Length of Performance, Location etc) - visit the Contact page for a quote.
What if you are ill or something happens and you can't make it? This is a worry for many people. I often get calls from people ringing at the last moment and saying "our magician has just let us down..." etc. I've only ever not been able to attend a handful of bookings. In the event of me not been able to make it, I will ensure that someone of an EQUAL STANDARD (or sometimes better!) will be at your event for THE SAME FEE.
What sort of events is a magician suitable for? I can adapt to virtually any environment. For events where space is limited, such as dinners and cocktail parties, a table magician is a great option. Is the event going to be noisy? Ben can perform visual magic that speaks for itself. Options such as hiring a wedding magician, party magician or corporate magician are becoming increasingly popular ways of making an event really stand out. For entertainment on a slightly bigger scale, Ben can perform a 20 minute cabaret magic act, suitable for audiences of up to 150 people.
How many people can a magician perform for? I can perform for groups of various sizes, from private parties of 20-30 people, to corporate events with several hundred attendees. For events with 150 people or more, it is generally recommended to hire two or more magicians to ensure that all of your guests are entertained.
How far in advance do I need to book? It is difficult to say. Always best to give me a call to confirm availability. If I am unavailable due to being pre-booked or having other commitments I can help organise another performer.