Stanmore Corporate Magician

Ben Pearl, Stanmore Magician can uses his skill and humour to grab the attention of your prospective clients. His performance creates action, illusion, interest and he puts life into your corporate stand. With his sleight-of hand and intrigue, Ben can disguise the "hard sell" technique in a totally un-pressurised and much more relaxed way. By making your corporate stand shine out from the rest, your investment will be totally cost effective by the improved business Ben can create.

Ben Pearl, Stanmore Magician can astonish your guests with incredible feats of sleight of hand magic and witness the impossible just inches from their eyes. Interactive and hilarious, Ben's magic is always one of the highlights of your events. Wedding rings vanish into thin air and appear in impossible locations, thought-of cards appear at Ben's fingertips. Borrowed coins teleport from one side of the room to the other and so much more!